Harvest 2011 Year In Review

Harvest is evolving with the growing needs of your business. In 2011, we updated Harvest 876 times!

Here are a few notable things we did this past year:

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New Reports And Insights

Our improved reports offer new ways for you to look at your business. Information you need to make decisions more efficiently is easy to find with faster search and advanced filtering in our Detailed Time Report. We’ve also added an Uninvoiced Time Report. This report gives you one click access to all your time that has not yet been invoiced, giving you a clear sense of your upcoming cash flow.

Hours Spent: 781.0

Harvest Everywhere

Throughout the year, we have made significant updates to our iPhone and Android apps to bring you reliable time and expense tracking on-the-go. iPhone users can now create clients, projects and tasks directly from their phone. In early 2012 we'll be releasing Harvest for Mac, our lightning fast time tracking solution for Mac OS X users. Start a timer right from your keyboard and experience the easiest way to track time yet.

Hours Spent: 263.4

More Flexible Permissions

Growing businesses need to provide different access levels to different members of the team. We’ve added more options for you to set user permissions. The ability to give the right level of access to project managers or administrative staff is clear and easy.

Hours Spent: 363.8

Customize Your Invoices

Customizing your invoices in Harvest is now even easier. With the latest update to our invoice engine, Harvest provides the flexibility many of our customers have asked for. Generate PDFs with page numbers, show or hide the document type, hide columns to meet your needs and more.

Hours Spent: 148.7

Reliable Email Delivery

We send hundreds of thousands of emails each week on behalf of our customers. These are critical emails, as they contain invoices and ensure that our customers bill their clients and get paid. Making sure these emails reach their intended recipients is extremely important to us. We were not satisfied with a 99% delivery rate, so we re-engineered our system to increase reliability.

Hours Spent: 268.3

And so much more...

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