The moment you’ve waited millenia for has now arrived: track your time in Roman numerals! Welcome to HARVESTVS!


The first known version of time-tracking surfaced in Greece in approximately 200 BC, referred to simply in those days as HARVESTVS. HARVESTVS was the best time-tracking tool the ancient world had seen, and it spread rapidly from Greece to the Roman Empire.

Unfortunately, HARVESTVS only accommodated Greek numerals, infuriating the Romans. Archaeologists believe that this prompted the emergence of feature requests. The oldest dates back to 15 AD – Augustus Vesuvius, a peasant farmer, simply wanted to keep accurate records for the family business, but he was “only familiar with Roman numerals.”

Augustus wasn’t the only person who wanted to track time in Roman numerals, but in those days, it took much longer for HARVESTVS HQ to receive and incorporate feature requests. Roman numerals were almost brought to HARVESTVS in 476, but political unrest brought development to a halt.

We hear you, Augustus.

Though temporarily forgotten, Roman numerals remained a popular request through the millenia. To date, we have MMXXVII requests to bring Roman numerals to Harvest. In a recent team meeting, we decided that we couldn’t ignore this overwhelming response. Better late than never, right?

As an homage to our history, we present you with HARVESTVS.


  • Easy to install – Simply click the HARVESTVS logo on the bottom right of your screen, or the tool tip on the bottom left, and HARVESTVS is ready to go. You can even drag-and-drop the tool tip into your toolbar, creating an always-accessible bookmarklet!
  • It’s authentic – The Romans didn’t care about decimal places, and neither do we. You’ll notice that HARVESTVS doesn’t bother with them. It’s better – and more authentic – that way.
  • Impress your friends – When your coworkers see you’re running Harvest in HARVESTVS mode, they’ll assume you’re worldly and well-educated. We know you are, and now they will know, too.
  • Connection to history – When using HARVESTVS, customers reported feeling an immediate connection to the rich history of time-tracking 100% of the time.

If for some reason you need to switch out of HARVESTVS, simply refresh your screen. But we’re sure that once you go HARVESTVS, you’ll never go back.

We’d like to thank you all for your patience as we’ve gotten HARVESTVS ready. To those who can’t experience this huge victory – well, Augustus, this one’s for you.


April Fools’ is over, but the fun doesn’t have to end.

Harvestvs was our way of having a little fun on April Fools’ day. Though April 1 has come and gone, you can still use Harvestvs mode with your account — or any web page of your choosing. Simply drag the following bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar and click it when you want to see any page in Roman Numeral format.

Drag to bookmars bar : Harvestvs mode