Last week we launched a new customer page. Our old page was simple, it featured some customer quotes and logos. It helped people who were thinking about Harvest know that other reputable companies use our application but the page didn’t offer much in the way of education. We knew that our newer customers (and some of our longtime customers) wanted to see more detail and learn about how companies use Harvest. So we improved it.

Since you can easily read the profiles here, I wanted to use this space to take you behind the scenes on why we chose to feature one of the companies, Cuban Council. All of the featured customers ended up on our page through a cocktail of admiration and serendipity. However the story of why we chose Cuban Council provides a glimpse into the history of Harvest so I thought it was worth telling.

As many people know, Danny and Shawn built Harvest to meet a need they experienced while running their own web design agency. They wanted a time tracking system that felt good to use. Shortly after the launch of Harvest, Danny and Shawn received an email from the founders of Cuban Council. They were also frustrated with time tracking and were considering building a tool themselves. Luckily they stumbled upon Harvest and liked what they saw.

That email stirred real excitement for Danny and Shawn. As college friends they had discovered a mutual interest in design and technology. And during their college years they became avid readers of a design webzine, Turns out the people behind went on to start Cuban Council. It was hugely gratifying for Danny and Shawn to see Harvest adopted by the same people whose design aesthetic they had followed while in college. Needless to say, that email was one of the first outside indicators to Danny and Shawn that Harvest was onto something big.

We hope to expand our customer section down the road. If you have an interesting story about how you’ve used Harvest for your team, I’d love to hear from you.