For the last in our series of time saving tips, we have turned our attention to food. Food is very important here at Harvest, whether we’re learning how to brew the perfect cup of coffee or sharing lunch together. We set out to helping you shave time in deciding what to make, how to buy, and best practices for preparing it – here’s what we found.

Get ideas to make it

  • relishrelish will email you a week’s worth of recipes every Thursday, complete with shopping lists. The meals take 30 minutes or less to prepare, and the ingredients usually cost $80 or less for the week’s worth of dinners.
  • Gojee curates recipes from food bloggers around the web in a visually enticing way.
  • Use Allrecipe’s Ingredient Search to find recipes based on what you’ve got on hand.

Buy it

  • Multi-task! Use Omnifocus to give an alert to your phone when you’re near the grocery store — reminds you when you have a list and saves trips out!
  • Shop at odd times. The less time you spend waiting in line with everyone else who’s shopping is more time for anything else.

Make it

  • Choose recipes that take limited time to prepare. Mark Bittman wrote a great NY Times writeup for summer meals that take 10 minutes or less (save for when it gets warmer!).
  • Make more than you need. Example: if you make soup, make enough that half can go in the freezer for next week — you can do the same with tomato sauce, and chili. You can even portion soups into 2-cup containers for freezing: the perfect healthy grab-and-go lunch. You can even swap with a friend!
  • Use ice trays to freeze tomato sauce, pesto, and soup stock – most regular-sized ice cubes are just about 2 tablespoons, it’s easy to dole the ingredients out later!
  • Cooking in blocks of time, as advised by The Pemmican Principle of food preparation. Set aside a 4 hour block of time on Saturday or Sunday, and prepare meals for the week. If you’re pressed for time, simply wash and cut fruits and veggies, essentially turning refrigerator into a healthy salad bar and deli.

Many thanks to theTwitter community for sharing your own tips for this article. We’re please to announce that @DanaCoBar won our very last Time Saving Tuesdays contest for January – congratulations Dana, we hope you enjoy your beautiful new kitchen timer!