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Posts by Patrick Filler:

What’s Brewing at Harvest?

Harvest is committed to building and supporting the world’s best time tracking app, but that’s not the only thing we take seriously at work. Over the last year, we’ve started paying a lot of attention to the coffee we drink. For many Harvesters, the workday doesn’t truly start until the first cup of coffee has been poured and, as “coffee czar,” I work hard to make sure that cup is delicious.

We’ve recently subscribed to Intelligentsia’s “Roaster’s Choice Subscription” which brings 3 pounds of fresh roasted coffee to our door each month. As a former Chicagoan who also loves coffee, I’m proud to call Intelligentisa Coffee my favorite roaster. Their rotating selection of in-season single origin offerings is all but guaranteed to deliver something for everyone in the office.

We often order beans from one of the many roasteries available on GoCoffeeGo. GoCoffeeGo will let you choose a few different roasters, set up a coffee queue and arrange for shipments to be spaced out of the time period of your choice. The coffees are delivered directly from the roasters, so there’s no doubt about their freshness.

Though we’ve tried coffee from many roasters, several stick out as our favorites. If you’re looking for some great beans to try, any of these will do:

Do you have any suggestions of coffee we shouldn’t miss?

Harvest Integration with activeCollab

Update: The Harvest integration with activeCollab is no longer available.

activeCollab is a popular project management & collaboration tool that you can set up on your own server or local network. Thanks to developer (and Harvest customer) Andreas Schempp, activeCollab users can now install a module which allows for time that is tracked in activeCollab to easily be submitted to Harvest.

Like Basecamp, time tracked with activeCollab is toward specific to-dos — making it difficult to run reports and generate an invoice with the time you’ve tracked. This module helps you convert those specific to-dos into higher level tasks in Harvest (where generating invoices and reports is a breeze). Here’s a quick demo video that shows how the Harvest & activeCollab integration works:

If you’re an activeCollab user, ask your administrator to install the module today (Available from activeCollab’s download area). Thanks, Andreas!

Reorder Invoice Items

Our customers have been asking for more control over their invoices, and we’ve been listening. We’re happy to announce the first of many improvements coming down the pipeline for Harvest Invoicing users: Line Item Reordering.

Reorder Rows

You can change the order of items on an invoice, with just a few quick mouse clicks. While adding or editing an invoice, click the “Reorder Rows” link and the individual rows will become sortable. Just click and drag a row to change it’s position on the invoice.

When you’re done moving items, you can simply save the invoice, or click “Done Reordering” to continue editing the invoice details.

We hope you find this new invoice improvement useful. As always, don’t hesitate to share your feedback and suggestions with us.

Meet the New Harvest Sign In Page

Your Logo Here

Our redesigned sign in page can now be customized with your company’s logo. This means that your employees and contractors will have instant recognition of your company branding, and they’ll feel reassured that they’re signing in to the right place.

Adding a logo (or other graphic element) is easy as can be – just sign in to your account and follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Manage > Account Settings
  2. Click the Edit Preferences button
  3. Next to the “Logo” option, click “Choose File” and navigate to a file of your choosing.

The space for your logo is 160×160 pixels wide. Uploaded images may be smaller than that – and larger images will be resized. Please note that this feature is not currently available for free accounts.

We hope you like this new bit of customization, and let us know if you have any questions or thoughts about the feature.