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Events posts:

Walkabout NYC – Open House for Startups

On Friday, June 10th (tomorrow!), seize the opportunity to stop by over 20 New York City-based startups and technology companies as they welcome visitors to drop by to see their spaces, learn about their services, and meet the teams. We’re proud to present Walkabout NYC!

Since the day we set up our first desks for the company, we’ve enjoyed visiting creative offices and workspaces for inspiration that we could bring back to our work environment. With more and more startups calling New York City home, it was time to organize an open-house event for technology startups. We’re thrilled to have so many great companies on board with the Walkabout NYC event, helping us inspire each other and being accessible to the community at large.

For all the details, head over to Walkabout NYC.  Come out and meet the neighbors.

May HOBBY is coming up – get your tickets now!

It’s that time again – we’ve got a great line up of presenters for our upcoming Hobby event on Wednesday, May 19th, at 7pm:

  • Michael Karnjanaprakorn is an avid poker player who will be donating 100% of his 2010 WSOP winnings to various charities. He’s been coached by Annie Duke and Rafe Furst, and will talk about poker, decision making, and why you should always throw paper on the first throw.
  • Jordan X is a rock climber, mountaineer, and trader extraordinaire. When he’s not climbing rocks, scaling mountains, or watching the Dow tank in a matter of twenty minutes, he is one of more than twenty million people in the online dating scene in a quest to find true love or “the one” to join him in his adventures and high jinks.
  • Brett Collinson is an experience designer from Melbourne, Australia. He visited New York for the first time a year ago and, like a kid in a candy store, saw theater every night he was here. Stimulated by this rich feast, he moved here 2 months ago and has been enjoying New York theater as a local ever since.

As always, you can see videos from previous Hobby events at our Hobby Channel, like Phin Barnes talking about his sneaker obsession at last months Hobby:

We look forward to seeing you at May Hobby!

Harvest Supports Ruby Summer of Code

Harvest was built from the ground up with Ruby on Rails, a powerful framework for building web apps. Rails has been part of daily activity here since back when we worked on client projects right alongside of Harvest. As an OSS project, Rails needs contributions of all sorts to continue evolving. The latest program to help push Rails forward is Ruby Summer of Code.

The Ruby Summer of Code program is designed to help fund student development of Ruby and/or Rails projects in the summer of 2010. Accepted students will be matched up with accepted mentors and will have two months to complete their summer projects.  Harvest is proud to support this inspired endeavor, and the future of Ruby development.

The student application window is from April 5th to April 23rd, so that means the deadline is just a week away.  If you are (or know of a) student with an idea for a great Ruby project, get your application in now!

The Hobby Video Channel

Did you miss last month’s Hobby?  Never fear, we have videos to share!  Also, we’ve just released tickets for our April Hobby, that will take place next Tuesday, April 20th, at 7pm.

Catch up on previous Hobby events on the Hobby Channel, and here’s a look at last month’s presenters.

Harvest co-founder Danny Wen talked about The Art of Light Touring:
Continue reading…

Introducing Hobby: A Celebration of Spare-Time Recreational Pursuits

While we spend our days here at Harvest listening to our customers and continually improving our service, we all have outside interests that keep us busy.  In honor of the often under-represented activity of the hobby, we’ve decided to host a monthly series called Hobby, beginning next Thursday, February 11th at our New York City office.

We’ll be inviting speakers to talk about their spare-time recreational pursuits, and they’ll be fielding questions from the audience as well.  First on deck: a French Horn Player, a Pizza obsess-er, and a breakdancer (we’ll leave it to them to let you know what their day jobs are!).

We hope you’ll join us in exploring how other people spend their spare, but equally valuable, time.

And speaking of time, you’ll need to act fast, as there are only 7 spots left for this first event – RSVP now!