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I use Verizon FiOS and am having trouble connecting to Harvest. Why?

Recently a handful of Verizon FiOS customers have reported slow response times, or trouble connecting to Harvest. This is impacting many web services, not only Harvest and is most prevalent for FiOS customers in the North East regions of the USA.

Unfortunately, the issue is on the Verizon side, and neither Harvest nor our data center provider are able to resolve or troubleshoot the cause of the problem.

There are two steps you can take to try and circumvent the issue:

  • Firstly, follow the FiOS guide to reset your router.
  • Secondly, if resetting your router doesn’t resolve the problem, try changing the DNS settings on your router, or your workstation, to use the Google DNS servers rather than Verizon DNS servers. The guide in the previous link has directions to follow for popular operating systems.

We apologize for the troubles and hope Verizon resolve this issue promptly.

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