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  • Accounting Integrations

    • Xero

      Link Harvest to Xero, and copy your Harvest invoices and payments directly into Xero.
    • QuickBooks Online

      Link Harvest to QuickBooks Online, and copy your Harvest invoices directly into QuickBooks Online.
    • QuickBooks For Windows

      Export your Harvest timesheets to Quickbooks For Windows
  • Project Management Integrations

    • Basecamp

      With our Harvest Chrome Extension, you can track time to thew new Basecamp to-dos. This is only...
    • Trello

      With our Harvest Chrome Extension, you can link up Trello boards to Harvest projects and track...
    • JIRA

      Track time to Harvest from any JIRA issue.
    • Asana

      Track time to Harvest directly from your tasks in Asana <>.
    • Smartsheet

      Importing timesheet data from Smartsheet to Harvest
  • Issue Tracking & Customer Support Integrations

    • Zendesk

      Track time to Harvest from any Zendesk ticket.
  • Other Integrations

    • Google Apps

      With Google Apps, you can sign in to Harvest with your Google Apps credentials, import users, and...
    • Gmail Actions

      Gmail Actions allow your team and your clients to access files from the subject line of their...
    • Chrome Extension

      The Harvest Chrome Extension allows you to track time from Google Chrome and within popular...
    • IFTTT

      Create simple connections between Harvest and the products you use every day.
    • The Harvest API

      Your Harvest subscription includes API access for all accounts (including free and trial...
    • Harvest and Co-op Icons for Fluid

      Fluid <> is an app for Mac that lets you create a Site Specific Browser (SSB)...
    • Unsupported Widgets

      This is a list of features and integrations that we no longer support and no longer provide for...
  • New Developer Tools Integrations

    • New GitHub Integration

      With our Harvest Chrome Extension, you can track time to GitHub issues and pull requests. This is...
  • New Zapier