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The Forecast-Enabled Company

A Forecast-enabled company moves fast but thinks in tandem. It believes in transparency and trust that allows employees to be creative, efficient, and informed. It uses modern applications that empower management and employees alike. It understands how to deliver great service, how to be profitable. It has the data to anticipate change and talk to a client before a project goes off the rails. It knows when to hire and when to say no. It knows who works on what and when. It learns from its past. It’s informed for the future. The Forecast-enabled company controls its destiny.

This was our vision while building Forecast. We believe businesses deserve tools that match their modern workflow. With Harvest—our time tracking app—you know what your company did. With Forecast, you know what your company will do. With this knowledge, you have unparalleled ability to manage your business.

The Forecast Empowered

In recent months, we’ve provided several longtime Harvest customers the power of Harvest Forecast.
Here’s what a few of them had to say.

It’s exceptionally helpful for assessing overall company availability across disciplines for new business opportunities in the future, in one central place. The ability to color code new potential business vs. current project runnings vs. retainers has been exceptionally helpful when understanding what work people are booked to. Dina Murphy, Director of Production at Area17 Dina Murphy, Director of Production at Area17
Forecast has helped us better manage our team’s availability. We no longer have to guess or say “I think our developer is available.” It allows us to look further ahead, and that enables us to better staff our team and ease workload. Doesn’t hurt that the layout is easy to follow and update! Betty Chan, Producer at Barrel Betty Chan, Producer at Barrel
The ability for everyone to view project timelines and each other’s bandwidth provides transparency and knowledge that previously was only shared on a Monday meeting stand up. This transparency promotes better conversations and facilitates faster problem solving. Crystal Ginn, Producer at of Kettle Crystal Ginn, Producer at Kettle

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