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Want to help teams spend time wisely?
We’re hiring.

We believe work should be fun, meaningful, and challenging. Our mission is to help teams succeed by encouraging the respectful and intentional use of time, and that mission speaks to everything we do as a company.

How we work

Harvest is a small but mighty global workforce. We value self-discipline, scrappiness and a genuine curiosity to learn from one another. Motivated by excellence and collaboration, our people are the engine that fuels our success.

A global team

We hire amazing talent, no matter where they happen to call home. Our team is spread across 9 countries and 11 different timezones, resulting in a rich working environment where diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and opinions inform every discussion and decision.

Flexible working

Harvest started as a remote team, and over the last 17 years we’ve mastered the art of remote working. We’ve embraced its advantages, found creative ways to overcome its challenges, and take pride in being an efficient and thriving remote-first team.

Investing in people

We care about providing our team with opportunities for learning and career growth. Every Harvester receives an annual learning stipend, and we support their attendance to a conference related to their role per year. Both internally and externally, we are committed to supporting our Harvesters in developing their skills and their careers.

Giving Back

We believe in the importance of giving back to our communities. Our Harvest for Good program aims to make a positive impact through a combination of charitable giving and community involvement. Every month, we make a meaningful donation to a different cause Harvesters feel passionate about, and we also match personal donations and volunteer hours. In 2023, our contributions totalled over $750,000.

Striving for excellence

We build best-in-class products loved by thousands of businesses across the world. We put a great deal of effort and intentionality into the work we do, and care deeply about our craft.

Grounded in sustainable growth

We don’t grow or hire for growth’s sake. Harvest is a profitable, stable business that scales intentionally.

Our principles

Cultivate kindness

Bring kindness

We uplift and treat each other with dignity. We show up with thoughtfulness and humility, listen and learn, empathize, and strive to be of service. We recognize that people matter, and are deliberate with how we engage in the world.

Cultivate kindness

Cultivate collaboration

We foster an environment of creativity, respect, and trust. To do this, we stay curious, build connections, honor expertise, work through challenges together, and strive to understand different perspectives and ideas.

Cultivate kindness

Honor time

We're thoughtful about how we work. We work with intention and design for flexibility while prioritizing shared goals. To bring wisdom to how we spend time, we're collaborative, considerate, and impactful with our shared time.

Cultivate kindness

Innovate with a learning mindset

We create new things, discover new ideas, and explore new ways of doing. We recognize that learning is a lifelong endeavor. This is why we value experimentation, curiosity, and taking risks to create and grow.

Cultivate kindness

Seek impact

We do things that matter, knowing that they make a difference. To do this, we set worthwhile goals and create plans of action. Our actions matter, not just intentions. Because of this, we strive to do good in our work and in the world.

Perks & benefits

Harvest offers competitive compensation and generous benefits so you have all you need to grow and succeed.

Competitive and Fair Compensation

We pay at the top of the New York City market for all roles independent of your location, and use third-party data to ensure salaries stay competitive.

Health & Dental *

We provide 100% coverage of health insurance premiums across our medical, dental, and vision base plan offerings for you, your spouse, and your dependents.

Time Off

We offer 15 days of vacation during your first year, and an additional two days per year of tenure until you reach 20 days, plus national holidays in your location. We also provide flexible personal and sick days, and a week off for Winter Break between Christmas and New Years.

Family Support

We support new parents with 16 weeks of paid maternity or paternity leave. In addition, Harvesters get access to Maven, a family health platform offering support services for preconcepcion, maternity, parenting, and pediatric care.

Professional Development

We believe in the importance of professional development, so we provide all Harvesters with a yearly education stipend of $1000 and support attendance to a conference relevant to your role each year.

Work Setup

We’ll provide you with the right tools for your role, including a company-issued computer and a standing desk and ergonomic chair. And if you prefer to not work from home, we offer you a monthly $400 stipend towards a co-working space.

Bonus Structure

We reward and recognize Harvesters for their contribution to our success with individual performance bonuses based on achieved work outcomes, and a company bonus program based on our business performance.

Caring for You

We provide Harvesters with access to Compsych, an Employee Assistance Program offering a variety of services to support your wellbeing. Some resources include emotional support, financial advice, legal guidance, and work and lifestyle support.

Vacation Fund

We want to make sure that you take time away from work. After 4 years at Harvest, you’ll receive $5,000 per year to spend on a trip (increased to $8,000 if you’re bringing kids).

Referral Program

We’ll award you a bonus of $1,750 and a $250 charitable donation if a candidate you refer for a new role joins the team.

Retirement *

We invest in your future through 401k planning, with a 6% company match after 3 months with the company.

* Some of the benefits described are only available to Harvesters based in the U.S. Benefits information for Harvesters outside the U.S. will be provided to individuals who interview for those roles.

Sherry Umlah

Harvest is a fun and nurturing work environment in which you can experiment, learn, and grow. We value innovation and celebrate what we learn from failures or mistakes because it means we stepped outside our comfort zone and gained new experience.

Sherry Umlah
Engineering Manager, Ecosystem.