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Seize the future A whole new way to plan your team’s time. New from Harvest.

Harvest Forecast

Visualize your plans.

Map out your plans and see them with clarity in Forecast. Know how busy or available your team is at a glance. Keep key dates on top of everyone’s minds as you push projects forward.

With two ways to view your plan, the schedule is clearer than ever.

View by Projects View by People
Visualize your plans.
Everyone on the same page.

Everyone on the same page.

Collaborate with project managers and share the plan with the entire team. With Forecast as the central place for your plans, there’s minimal confusion about who’s working on what and when.

A modern tool designed for the job.

Leave bloated spreadsheets behind. Forecast is designed from the ground up for this job. The intuitive and thoughtful interface makes scheduling and planning an enjoyable experience.

“We’ll need a few more days…” “Done.”
5 hrs/day
3 hrs/day
Learn from the past. Plan the future.

Learn from the past. Plan the future.

Sync your clients, projects, and team from Harvest and start staffing them in Forecast right away.

Coming soon: Show Harvest budgets and compare estimates vs actuals.

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