Put a finger on the future.

Connect Harvest to its sister app Forecast to schedule your team, see how long projects will take to complete, and improve your estimates.

What is Forecast?

Forecast organizes your team’s schedule into visual plans that let you map out your
upcoming projects and make smarter resourcing decisions.

Forecast condenses the chaos of your team’s schedule into visual plans.

Plan out your projects.

Estimate how long a project is going to take and who’s going to work on it.

Prevent burnout.

Red bars indicate when team members are overbooked, so you can move projects around or hire someone new.

Book new business.

Figure out when your team can take on new work and who’s available to do it.

Harvest and Forecast Forecast is a separate team scheduling tool that integrates with Harvest. To try Forecast, you’ll need to create a separate Forecast account and link it to Harvest. Learn more about Forecast

How do Forecast and Harvest work together?

Forecast integrates with Harvest to make even more information available inside your Harvest account.

Forecast and Harvest work together to give you a better picture of your projects.

Improve your estimates and scheduling.

Compare how much time you tracked in Harvest to how much time you scheduled in Forecast. Drill down to specific people and tasks to see exactly where you were off.

Pinpoint when you’ll go over budget.

See how much longer a project is scheduled to take and if it will go over budget. Get enough advance warning so you can readjust or reach out to your client.