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per seat per month, billed yearly
  • Easy time tracking
  • Apps for all your devices
  • Integrations that fit your workflow
  • Insight into your projects and team
  • Seamless invoicing and payments
  • Support from real humans
  • Bank-level security
For individuals, we also have a Free Plan limited to 1 seat and 2 active projects.
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Fully functional 30-day trial. No credit card required.
As soon as we started to hire people, we moved everything over to Harvest… Scaling would have been impossible without a time tracking tool.
Nick Frandsen Haraldur Thorleifsson, Ueno
Harvest is definitely one of the key software tools in our tool chest that has enabled the company to work remote.
Haraldur Thorleifsson Michael Kucera, Zehner

Common Questions

  • Yes! When you pay for the year up front, you get a 10% discount that’s automatically applied to your account.

    We also offer discounts upon request to teams of 50+ people, nonprofits, schools and universities, educators using Harvest in a classroom setting, and students.

  • No. Harvest’s pricing is currently only available in U.S. dollars.

  • When your trial account meets the plan’s requirements, you can sign up for the free version during the upgrade process. On the Upgrade Your Harvest Plan page, click the switch to the free version link below the plan options.

  • If you pay yearly for 10 or more seats, you can request an invoice when you upgrade in order to pay for your subscription via check or bank transfer.

    If you have an existing subscription for 10 or more seats paid via credit card, you can switch and request an invoice instead.

  • If you’re paying monthly, you can add or remove seats at any time. Your price will be adjusted on your next monthly billing date.

    If you paid for the year in advance, you can add seats at any time and will be charged a prorated amount based on the number of days left in your billing cycle. While you can’t remove seats during your current billing cycle, you can indicate from your account if you’d like your yearly plan to renew with fewer seats.

    We don’t offer monthly and yearly payment together in a single subscription.

  • Yes. Anyone who will be accessing your Harvest account needs a seat, whether that’s for tracking time, approving time, reporting, invoicing, and/or viewing and exporting data.

  • Yes. We offer one paid plan that includes all of Harvest’s features.

  • If you’re paying monthly, you can switch to yearly payment at any time.

    If you paid for the year in advance, you can switch to monthly payment at the end of your current yearly billing cycle. To make the change, reach out to our support team during the month before your renewal.