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Time Well Spent

Time Well Spent

What do you picture when you imagine time? Maybe the arrow-straight timelines from history class come to mind. Or maybe you visualize time as a wheel, cycling through the seasons and weather patterns of life. Maybe time is as nebulous as an iridescent bubble wobbling in the air. Or maybe it's a web or a map or a fabric woven with threads through generations.

We’ve been living through an era where time and the spaces that divide it can feel blurry, with one day blending into the next. Boundaries between home and work and school can feel hazy and indistinct. But even when living through challenging times, we, as humans, are creative beings, constantly tweaking traditions and inventing new rituals for marking time and making it count.

But what exactly does it mean to spend your time well? To explore this, Harvest and CreativeMornings are joining forces once again to bring you a deeper reflection on time, with a second season of Time Well Spent.

Time Well Spent is an interview series made for anyone who wants to feel more satisfaction and joy from their days. Anyone curious about their relationship with time and the way that it ebbs and flows over the course of a lifetime. We asked four inspiring people who have devoted their careers and lives to creative pursuits — running a fashion label, uncovering hidden truths, making data more human, and writing new chapters — about what they’ve discovered about time throughout the seasons of their personal and professional lives. Each interview is generously packed with useful tips, resources, and timeless wisdom that may guide you on your own path to unlocking what it means to spend your time well.

Here’s what we’ve learned: Spending time well isn’t about structuring each moment with rigid parameters. It’s about tapping into what truly matters each day, the people we love and the pursuits we value, and letting the other details fall into place. It’s about adapting to life’s unexpected twists, shifting focus away from the things we can’t control, and spending our days in ways we find meaningful.

Through this timely series, we hope you’ll use these reflections to inform your own mindful analysis of what time well spent means to you and, in turn, commit to dedicating your time to the things that matter most. This is your permission slip to seize the day.

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