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Harvest Press Mentions

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Harvest feels simple to use...Its robust reporting features, built-in invoicing, expense tracking and estimates make it a good solution for a small business or a team within a larger enterprise. PCWorldEditorial Review of Harvest

You might be surprised as to how much time it saves you while invoicing, or how much more focused you become once you know you are being tracked. App StormHarvest for Mac: Time Tracking the Simple Way

Self-starters are using a plethora of gadgets and apps to help in the day to day cut and thrust of small business. BBCGadgets and Apps to Make Your Small Business Fly

Having the knowledge of how much time is being used for something you might have initially thought is no big deal, has really helped us to have more realistic expectations. GigaOmTales From The Trenches – Harvest

Harvest was entirely self-funded, and has seemed to weather the storm for the past six years. So if anyone should be shelling out advice, Wen’s the one to do it. TechCrunchHarvest Co-Founder: “Solve A Real Pain Point, And Don’t Be Afraid To Charge For It” [TCTV]

Harvest offers a less stressful option for managers who hate dunning their customers. Wall Street JournalThe Battle Against Slow Payers

Harvest offers an attractive, simple-to-use mobile interface. MashableHarvest for iPhone: Manage Work Time And Expenses On The Go

Harvest is the crème de la crème of time tracking applications. Sitepoint4 Unique Apps for Tracking Time

There is a new online tool out there looking to do the near-impossible: simple, usable and powerful time tracking for small business. It’s called Harvest. LifehackerOnline time tracking with Harvest

A glimpse into a future business model for Twitter. ReadWriteWebHarvest On Twitter - A Future Twitter Business Model?

The great tools they provide to make punching in and out simple enough so that people might actually do it. The Unofficial Apple WeblogHarvest clocks in on the iPhone

One of the nicest interfaces around, Harvest is definitely a professional package. FreelanceSwitch6 Cool Tools to Track Your Time

Tracking your time on paper timesheets can often seem like, well, a waste of time. Now there is a better way to track time, and it’s online. G4 Tech TVHow to track your timesheets online

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