Time tracking that doesn’t get in your way

Harvest has all the time tracking features your team needs to keep track of billable hours and projects.

Track how much time you spend on your tasks
Organize timers by client, project, and task
Fill out your weekly timesheet

Track time easily

We designed Harvest with intuitive timesheets that let you start and stop timers as you work through projects and tasks or fill out your time weekly.

Create custom reminders

Harvest helps your team build time tracking habits with custom reminders and notifications and lets them know when it’s time to submit a timesheet.
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Get personal reports

Track billable and non-billable hours via Harvest’s personal reports to understand your team’s bandwidth and project load.

Track time from your calendar

Speed up the time entry process by connecting your calendar to Harvest to make it easy to remember how you spent your day.

Desktop & Mobile Apps

Track time wherever you work

Harvest’s time tracker makes tracking project time easy, no matter where you are. 

Mac and iPhone employee time tracking software

Your timer’s just a click away

There’s no need to keep an extra tab open with Harvest — the timer runs in the background so you can focus on your work.

On-the-go time and expenses

Track time on the go with the mobile app as you visit clients or work off-site. You can also snap photos of your receipts to track reimbursable expenses.

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Get a personalized demo for teams with 50+ seats.

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  • Integrations that simplify complex workflows
  • Powerful visual reporting across all projects
  • Customizable permissions for robust teams
  • Automatic insights into budgets, team capacity, forecasting

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whether you’re a project manager or a small business owner working to improve your team practices, using a mobile app to track employee hours instead of relying on manual time tracking is a good idea. There are several time clock apps to choose from online, but it's important to choose one that works best for your needs.

    Harvest is a great time tracking tool for teams of all sizes because it has everything your team needs to keep track of hours and projects in real-time. For starters, it provides intuitive time tracking software that's easy to adopt and flexible enough for all types of teams.

    Employees can use it across all types of devices, making it easy to capture their time from wherever they work. Since it’s integrated with the popular tools your team already knows and loves, there's no issue getting started. Plus, you can create automated reminders to help them build smart habits and capture powerful insights.

    Speaking of insights, Harvest takes your time tracking data and turns it into a wide selection of visual reports. These help keep projects running smoothly and your team supported. See for yourself and get started with a free trial — no credit card required.

  • Harvest offers free employee time tracking software that allows you to track time on two projects at a time for one team member. While the free version provides plenty of benefits that you're welcome to use as long as you'd like, there are a few limitations, especially if you have a larger team or various projects happening at once.

    If you’d like to try Harvest for free, we recommend signing up for a free 30-day trial to unlock all of the great features and see for yourself the value of signing up for a Pro account.

  • Time tracking software is an online tool that teams of all sizes use to measure how much time is spent on projects and tasks. Harvest works in the background without interrupting the work of your team allowing them to focus on getting the job done. You can either start and stop the timer as you work, or fill in the timesheets at the end of each day or week.

    Depending on your business needs, you can use time tracking software to accurately invoice and bill customers. You can also generate reports to gain time management insights and allocate resources. Regardless of the need, time tracking apps are used to:

    • Measure project time
    • Boost productivity
    • Keep projects running smoothly and accurately

    For a better look into how a time tracking tool like Harvest works, get started with a free trial today and see for yourself — no credit card required

  • Harvest’s employee time tracking software is affordable for teams of all sizes. For just $10.80 a month per user, you can track time across unlimited projects for an unlimited number of team members. For less than $11, you'll receive more than just time tracking:

    • Time tracking: Team members can start and stop timers with one click across all devices.
    • Reminders: Your team will never have to worry about forgetting to track time or losing hours worked, because you can create custom reminders to help them build smart habits.
    • Invoicing: Your tracked time and expenses are automatically transformed into accurate invoices.
    • Online Payments: Harvest's integrations with Stripe and PayPal allow you to accept payments from your customers online.
    • Reporting: Harvest creates detailed reports with insights into your budgets, time spent, team capacity, expenses, and more.
    • Integrations: Your team will have no issue getting started with Harvest because we integrate with the popular apps they already know and use in their regular workday.
    • Budgets: Track your budgets along with your time, and if a project is in danger of running off track, Harvest will alert you.
    • Cost Tracking: Drill down into the details and see how much every project costs to complete.
    • Expenses: You can add project expenses in just a few clicks, and even attach photos of receipts with ease.