Harvest + Asana

Track time to Harvest without leaving Asana.

Connect Harvest and Asana to add time tracking to your Asana tasks.
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Make time tracking easy for your team by bringing Harvest time tracking directly into Asana. This integration allows your team to track time from the tasks they’re already working on in Asana, which means they don’t have to interrupt their workflow to start a timer. The ability to import people and projects from Asana into Harvest means it’s easy to get your team set up.

Asana Time Tracking Integration - Harvest

Track time in Asana.

This integration adds a timer icon to all your tasks in Asana. To start a Harvest timer, all you have to do is click the icon, select your project and task, and you’re good to go. No need to stop what you’re doing or switch apps.

Import projects and people.

Get up and running quickly on Harvest by importing projects and people from Asana. New people imported from Asana will receive an email invite to Harvest and will be automatically added to the same projects they’re on in Asana.

Unlock the potential of time with Harvest.

Track Time

Intuitive time tracking that’s easy to learn and use.

Report & Analyze

Gain insight and take action with clear visual reporting.

Invoice & Get Paid

Automatically transform time spent to revenue.

Integrate Workflows

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