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Harvest for Trello

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Our Customers

We learned that our profit margins are really healthy. Before using Harvest, we thought we were losing money on certain projects, and now that we track time, we can see that we’re not.

– Becca Colbaugh of Jess3

Harvest for Trello Track time on cards right from Trello.

Track time seamlessly without ever leaving Trello. Simply grab the FREE Harvest Chrome extension, and start tracking time on your cards in Trello. It’s as if time tracking was already built in.

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Bring time tracking into Trello

Click on a Harvest timer from a Trello card and get to work. With the Harvest Chrome Extension, you can track time without leaving your Trello account.

Get the details

Now you can see how your time is spent beyond the task level – every Trello card shows how much time has been tracked to it so far. Cards are also linked from your Harvest timesheet, so it’s easy to see how much time you’ve tracked from Trello.

Gain insight into projects

Turn tracked time on cards into insightful reports in Harvest. Time-based reporting provides accurate project budget reports, staff reports and more. You’ll have insight into where projects stand at every milestone without the surprises.

Compatible ONLY with the Google Chrome browser. Grab the free download.