The Harvest Way

1. Listen to the customers.

We are focused on creating the best user experience possible for you, and we improve Harvest based on your feedback and suggestions.

2. Be useful.

Every feature in Harvest is useful: things that you need and will actually use.

3. Make it simpler.

We work hard to make things simple, logical and fast – so you and your team don’t need a manual to use Harvest.

4. Make it faster.

Time is money, and we’re constantly working under the hood and using the latest technology to make Harvest run faster for you.

5. Stay out of the way.

Harvest does what you need, and then stays out of your way – so you can spend time on what’s most important: your life and your business.

6. Help you look good.

Harvest helps you look good in front of your clients, with professional-looking reports, communication and invoices.

7. Innovate, dont imitate

To succeed, we need to continually experiment. We love experiments. They help us think differently.

8. Give back.

We got where we are because of other people’s help, and we try to give back whenever we can.

9. Be honest.

We believe in running an honest, open and ethical business. We don’t speak with buzzwords and our business practices are open and straightforward.

10. Keep improving.

We know we’re not done yet. There’s (always) plenty of room for improvements and innovation, so we can create an even better experience for our customers.