Harvest for Mac

Harvest for Mac

Lightning-fast time tracking right from your desktop.

The easier it is to track time, the more likely you and your team are to do it. The Harvest for Mac app brings time tracking right onto your desktop, so it’s never more than a click away. It’s easy to start and stop a timer, enter your hours, and look back on the time you’ve tracked for the week.

Harvest’s time tracking app for Mac. Manage your time and expenses easily on your MacBook

Remember to track time.

Harvest for Mac sits in your menu bar, so you can always see how long you’ve been running a timer for. It’s a nice visual prompt to start a new timer when you change tasks.

Start a timer in seconds.

You can star common projects and tasks so it takes only one click to start a timer, and you can utilize keyboard shortcuts to make the process even faster.

Smarter time tracking.

The Mac app can detect if you accidentally leave a timer running when you leave your desk. It’ll give you the option to remove the idle time so your timesheets stay accurate.


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