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Integration submission

Before we can create your integration page, we need you to provide us with a little information. Specifically, we need a few lines of copy and a couple of images to include on the page. This content will help visitors understand what your product does and how the integration you’ve built works with Harvest.

Please fill in the form below, and we’ll let you know if we need anything else. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch - we’re happy to help!

Partner contact information

First, we need to confirm some details about your product and your contact information. This will help us make sure that our customers know where to go if they need help with your Harvest integration.

About the integration

Finally, we need your help creating content for your integration listing. You can see an example of an integration page here.

We’ll show this under the name of your integration. It should briefly state the main purpose of the integration. Example: “Track time to Harvest without leaving Basecamp”.
This will be the main piece of content. Please ensure this section explains the benefits of the integration, what it does, and how it works with Harvest. Don’t worry about including detailed step-by-step instructions - we’ll point visitors to your website to learn more about the specifics. :) This section can include plain text and/or bullet lists.
Please include a logo of your integration or product. It should have a transparent background and ideally be in vector format (such as SVG or EPS). If you don’t have a vector version, please use a high-resolution PNG with a transparent background.
Please include images showing how the integration works. Images should be high-resolution screenshots (retina, at least 2x).
Third-party integrations aren’t supported by Harvest, so who should customers contact if they have questions about your integration? Please include an email address or support contact form.
Please provide the URL below.
Please let us know how we can review your integration if it’s behind a paywall.