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Powerful Real-Time Reports

Real-Time Reports

Time is money. Stay up-to-date on your business’s progress with Harvest reports. Track company hours, project income, amounts uninvoiced, and project budgets. We offer enterprise-level analytics wrapped in a refreshingly simple interface.

  • Powerful income reports – See a realtime overview of billable hours and budgets.
  • Powerful customization – Export reports into formats like Excel, CSV, and more.
  • Powerful details – Drill down into employee time across projects and tasks.
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We can get all the reports and analysis we need right from Harvest, and no longer need QuickBooks to analyze time. Jack Ivers of Agile Partners

Visual Reporting

Always have a real-time snapshot of income, uninvoiced hours, billable, and unbillable time. It’s easy to see the health of your business with Harvest’s visual reports.

Visual Reporting

Details, Details

View your data in as much detail as you want. Filter and group by project, staff, and more. With Harvest’s detailed reports, you will know where the time is going in the areas that matter most today.

Expense Reporting

Manage Budgets

Track your projections with Harvest's budget feature. Receive notifications before you exceed your budgeted time or cost so you can make necessary changes along the way.

Time Reporting

Uninvoiced Report

Quickly scan and find all the outstanding, unbilled amounts for each client and project. This report will help your business stay on top of its numbers and get paid faster for all your hard work.

Uninvoiced Report

Export Data

Export your data to a variety of applications and formats, including: Excel, CSV, and Google Drive. Beyond exports, you can access your data via our API and integrate your own reporting layer on top of Harvest.

Export Data