Your team’s time, all in one place.

With a quick glance, you can see how your team is doing: who’s tracking time, who’s overworked, and who can handle more on their plate.

A simple overview gets you important answers about your team’s time.

See who’s tracking time.

You’ll know who deserves a high five and who you need to nudge.

Keep track of billable hours.

Ensure your team’s doing enough billable work to pay the bills.

Spot burnout before it happens

Compare capacity to actual tracked time. See who’s overworked, and who might not be working enough.

“It looks like Julia isn’t tracking enough time…”
“Now she’s over capacity! We should check in.”
Learn more about using time tracking to prevent burnout with our guide. Read now

Know where your team’s time is going.

Weekly time summary.

How much are they working?

Quickly spot trends by comparing someone’s hours vs. their capacity week-over-week. Use the billable and non-billable breakdown to see if a person is spending their time on the right things.

Daily time summary.

When are they working?

Pinpoint time tracking mistakes and anomalies by seeing how much each person tracked every day of the week.

Time breakdown by project.

What projects did they work on?

See which projects take up someone’s time, and if they’re working on something you might not expect.

Each person’s report shows their time entries for every day of the week.

Make sure the details are accurate.

Each person’s report shows their time entries for every day of the week, so you can dig into the details of their work.

Easy Editing

Fix time tracking mistakes right from the reports.

Timesheet Approval

Review and approve timesheets for your team weekly.

Automatic Reminders

Send your team friendly reminders to submit their time.