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Harvest for Google Apps

Quickly import users, and submit timesheets on time.

Tracking time is simple with Harvest for Google Drive and Gmail. Easily onboard new users, sign in with one click, quickly access timesheets from the inbox, and export time reports to Google Drive.

Single sign on.

Sign in to Harvest with your Google Apps account. One less password to remember, super fast access for imported users.

Quickly import users.

With employees already in Google Apps, you can quickly add them to Harvest. Imported users receive an email to setup their account.

Fast access from Gmail.

Harvest connects with Gmail to make managing time quick and easy. One-click access from the inbox to timesheets and more.

Export to Google Drive.

Harvest reports offer powerful insight into your projects' time, budgets, and profitability. Export reports to Drive and share with colleagues or clients.

Harvest for Google Apps
Within the first week of rollout and very light training, Harvest has become an integral tool for managing our day to day and longer term time management goals. Dave Rosen of Big Spaceship