Harvest + eazyBI

Custom timesheet and invoice reports & dashboards.

Connect Harvest and eazyBI to get custom reports and dashboards of your Harvest data.
This integration is built by eazyBI and is not supported by Harvest. If you need help, contact them.
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eazyBI is an easy-to-use but powerful and flexible web-based visualization, analysis, and reporting tool, greatly extending built-in Harvest reporting with custom reports, data visualization, and analysis functionality.

You can create unlimited custom reports and dashboards with a drag-and-drop interface from any browser. Analyze your Harvest timesheets, billable and invoiced hours, billable amounts, projects, and expenses. View your data by project, client, task, status, or person and narrow it down to a specific time period.

Analyze your Harvest invoices, including data such as amounts, items, discounts, taxes, issued dates, and due dates. Review your invoices by client, project, invoice status or category, currency, or a specific time frame. You can also view all of your stats in one currency—thanks to currency exchange fields. Use personalized Harvest reports and dashboards with powerful calculations.

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Getting your team to track time shouldn’t be a battle. Harvest makes it easy, so you get the insight you need without driving them crazy.

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Flexible time tracking options that work for your workflow.

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Intuitive reports that shed light on your team and projects.

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Easy online invoices that help you get paid faster.
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