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Harvest + Height

Track time to Harvest without leaving Height.

Requires a Harvest account. Start your free trial

Seamlessly reflect what your are working on by syncing timers across both Harvest and Height. This integration allows you to track time directly to Height tasks inside either Height or Harvest and have it updated in real-time across both apps. Additionally, any edits made to timers across either app will be synchronously updated.


Start timers on Height

- After starting a timer inside Height and assigning it to a task, you can link it directly to a corresponding project in Harvest.
- The timer will run synchronously in both Height and Harvest, and once stopped the Height task ID and name will automatically be documented to the notes of the corresponding timer on Harvest.

Start timers on Harvest

- After starting a timer on Harvest, it can be linked to a corresponding Height task by typing the task ID inside the notes of the Harvest timer.

This integration is not built by Harvest. Contact its developer for support.