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Harvest + Integrately

Integrate Harvest with 100’s of apps in 1 click

Requires a Harvest account. Start your free trial

Integrately is a 1-click automation software that enables you to connect multiple apps with amazing ease. Using Integrately you can create simple one-to-one workflows or create complex workflows with ease. You can choose from over 250,000 ready to use automations and set up your workflow in just a click. Simply select your apps, choose your workflow and activate it.

Using Integrately you can:

  • Create time tracking tasks from Asana & Trello
  • Send Slack messages whenever a task or time entry is created in Harvest
  • Create customers in Wave, QuickBooks Online from new clients in Harvest

…and set up many such flows in just 1 click.integrately-shot-1@2x

Need help getting started?

This integration is not built by Harvest. Contact its developer for support.