Harvest + Projectt

Visualize your Harvest data in Projectt.

Connect Harvest to Projectt to include your Harvest data in your Projectt reports.
This integration is built by Red Ant and is not supported by Harvest. If you need help, email Red Ant.
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Projectt helps you understand how your project is going in real time. Are you going over budget? Can you add another feature and still meet the deadline? Projectt can help you answer these questions by bringing together data from tools like Harvest and Jira into a single dashboard.

  • Sprint planning, meet budget tracking. No more guesstimating progress against outdated project plans. Projectt uses live data from Harvest and other tools to give you accurate and actionable insights.
  • A single view of agency profitability. Agency-wide reporting and forecasting can be complex and chew up valuable time. See how all your projects are going in a single view. Understand your capacity and make better team decisions.
  • Multiple views for confidence and transparency. Projectt offers different views based on how different stakeholders interact with a project during its lifecycle. Project managers, agency leadership and clients can all access different views to help build a better understanding of project and agency progress.
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