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Harvest + SyncHub

Customized Harvest reporting.

Requires a Harvest account. Start your free trial

Ever wanted to write your own Harvest reports? SyncHub supercharges your Harvest account by freeing your data for advanced reports and analysis. Simply connect your Harvest account to our hosted data warehouse, then start reporting using your favorite reporting tools like PowerBI, Tableau, Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

  • Keep your data up to date in real time. No more CSV exports or copy/paste
  • Use our free managed data warehouse, or connector your own (BYOD)
  • Includes all of your historical Harvest data too!
  • Unlimited users

And there's even more. Use SyncHub to bring in data from all your cloud services, then write powerful aggregated reports across your entire business. Imagine cross-referencing your staff time entries with project boards from, deals from HubSpot or invoices from Xero. Or connect multiple Harvest accounts for consolidated insights into staff utility.


This integration is not built by Harvest. Contact its developer for support.