Harvest Projects

In-depth analysis, powerful reports, and
interactive graphs let you take command.

Harvest Projects

All your projects, one click away.

The Projects Overview offers at-a-glance info about budgets
and billable amounts. Get up to speed, fast.

Create Projects

Set up your projects
with budgets, billable rates, teammates, tasks, and more.

See the Projects
You Need

Filter to budgeted, active, or archived projects to see just
the relevant data.

Find Projects Fast

Easily search your projects by name,
code, or client.

Track Budgets

See how your budget burns, and know exactly how much is left.

NewKnow Your Costs

There’s more to your time than its billable amount.
Every hour you track costs your company. Harvest’s new
cost-tracking features reveals those internal costs, so you know the true value of your work.

A better way to analyze your projects.

Visualize Your Progress

Interactive graphs show budget consumption by week. Know how quickly your budget burns so you
can stay on track.

Know the Important Numbers

See tracked hours, budgets, billable amounts, costs, and uninvoiced totals all in one place. The complicated data, made simple.

Break Down Your Data by Person or Task

Quickly run reports to see hours, billable amounts, and costs by
person or by task.