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Harmoji How To: Introducing a fun way to celebrate time tracking in the places you work and chat.

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Slack logo@2x Slack Emojis Download

We took care of most of the hard work for you! To add Harmojis to Slack, just follow these easy peasy steps:

Harmoji yay
  1. In Slack, click on your workspace name (in the top left hand corner).
  2. Select Customize Slack and click on the Emoji tab.
  3. Click Choose File to select your new Harmoji and choose a name for it.
  4. Click Save New Emoji.
  5. Enjoy your new Harmoji in Slack!

Trello logo@2x Trello Stickers Download

Before using Harmojis in Trello, you’ll have to turn your Harmojis into custom Trello stickers. Don’t fret! You’ll be through with these steps before you can say, “Jack Robinson”:

Harmoji jump
  1. In any Trello board, click the Show Menu link and click on Stickers.
  2. Scroll to the Custom Stickers section and click the + button.
  3. Choose your Harmoji and click Open.
  4. Adorn your Trello cards with Harmoji stickers!

Imessage logo@2x iMessage Stickers Get the App

Accessing Harmoji stickers for iMessage is easy—all you need to do is install the Harvest app on your iPhone. Not seeing your Harmoji stickers? Pop into the App Store to ensure your app is up to date. To use Harmoji stickers, simply follow these four steps:

Harmoji conffetti
  1. On your iPhone, launch the Messages app.
  2. Tap the App Tray button next to your text field (above the keyboard).
  3. Swipe until you see the Harvest logo and tap it to open Harmoji stickers.
  4. Click on a Harmoji to insert it into your iMessage and let the fun begin!