Harvest + Basecamp

Track your time without leaving Basecamp.

Install Harvest’s browser extension to add time tracking to Basecamp.
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If your team members already use Basecamp to organize their projects, the Harvest and Basecamp integration can save them time when it comes to tracking time. Instead of switching apps and interrupting their workflow, they can just click the timer icon next to their Basecamp to-dos to track time directly to Harvest.

Basecamp Time Tracking Integration - Harvest

Track time in Basecamp.

Track time to Harvest from individual to-dos or assignments without leaving Basecamp. Just click the timer icon next to each to-do to start a timer.

Faster time tracking.

Once you’ve tracked time from a specific to-do, Harvest will remember which project and task are associated with it for faster time tracking.

Analyze your time.

The integration shows you how much time has been tracked to each to-do in Basecamp, and a link to that to-do is included in your Harvest timesheets for easy reference.


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