How Harvest helps SMBs


Simple time tracking

Harvest does the tedious work for you by keeping track of hours spent on each task, so your team can focus on what’s most important — producing great work.


Powerful insights

Harvest reports provide unique insights into previous projects, so you can optimize your time and end each workday knowing your team produced the best results.


Fast online payments

Harvest transforms your tracked time and expenses into invoices that clients can pay online, so you can seal the deal and move on to the next project. 

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Time Tracking

Features that small and midsize businesses love

Keep your business on track with intuitive time tracking, custom visual reporting, and integrated online payment tools. 


“Harvest has fundamentally helped us diversify and scale our business and it's definitely made many of the things that are just necessary tasks of running an agency very easy.”

Mike Nellenbach, VP of Product Innovation, Tekna


Actionable insights for even better results

Harvest enhances the profitability of your small business with insights into which projects and customers are most lucrative — and why. You can even use the data to build detailed monthly reports that show how budgets are tracking compared to your initial estimate. 

Time tracking and invoicing reports


Seamless invoicing that helps you get paid fast

Your hard work deserves swift payment — and Harvest makes it easy to get paid. We automatically transform hours into invoices your happy customers can pay online. 



Helping SMBs thrive since 2006

Harvest helps me see where we've been profitable and where we've been burned in the past. It's good intel that touches so many different parts of the business essentially.
Juliette Bogus
President of Inspire Agency
We have no desire to switch from Harvest because it’s so robust in its ability to manage the sheer complexity of work that is required to be done.
Aaron Charles
Co-Founder of The Charles
We needed something that worked, something super simple, because we don’t want to have to teach people how to use it as part of onboarding.
Nick Frandsen
Co-founder, Dovetail