Due to popular demand, we’re excited to announce Harvest’s seamless time tracking integration with Basecamp, the popular web-based project management tool from 37signals.

If your organization currently uses Basecamp in conjunction with Harvest for time tracking, things just got a whole lot easier. Harvest admins can now avoid any form of double-entry when it comes to setting up users, clients, or projects. Simply pick the people or projects you’d like to import from Basecamp and you are ready to go. Imported users will receive an automatically-generated Harvest welcome message along with their temporary password.

The BEST part is that all users (imported and current) will automatically be assigned to their proper projects based on their project assignments in Basecamp. This means that if John is assigned to Project A and Project B, he will automatically be granted access to those projects within his Harvest timesheets.

If you’re a Basecamp user and looking to try Harvest out, give it a shot. You will be up and running with your projects in just a couple minutes.

Current users can find the integration details under the Manage > Account Settings screen. Let us know what you think!