Over the last couple weeks, we’ve been working to improve the capabilities of the Harvest Time Approvers. In fact, we think it’s a vast improvement over the current Time Approver role that we’re calling the new role Project Manager. Our goal is to allow everyday project managers to do more in Harvest and relieve the Harvest admins from doing all the setup work for projects. For only projects under their management, Project Managers will be able to:

  1. Approve time submitted (Time Approvers can do this today)
  2. Review time reports
  3. Add and remove people in your organization’s account
  4. Add and remove tasks

Starting Friday, Jan 26th (12AM EST), all Time Approvers will automatically be converted to Project Managers. The Time Approver role will no longer exist after this conversion as it will be rendered obselete by the new Project Manager role.

If you do not want your Time Approvers to have the additional capabilities as listed above for a Project Manager please adjust your role assignments accordingly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at support at getharvest.com.

Thanks and we hope this upgrade will help to ease the administration of Harvest across multiple project managers on your team!