(The following message applies to only paying accounts created before February 20th, 2007)

We’ve made some major updates to our billing system to streamline things and we need your help to migrate your payment information!

In line with the highest security standards, we’ve stored your sensitive payment information only with our payment processing partners. For various reasons in the name of improvement, we recently made the switch to a new system, and we need your help! If you signed up for a paying account before February 20th, 2007, kindly follow the link displayed within Harvest (shown only to admins) to update your credit card information so we can capture it in the new system. If you don’t see a message when you are logged in, then please don’t worry about this message—you’re just fine.

We need to migrate ALL accounts over to the new system within the next 45 days. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to update your information. And as a “thank you” for making this process painless and smooth, if you re-enter your payment information within the next 15 days, you will automatically receive $5 off your next month’s charge. Make the update now and take advantage of the savings!

Thank you for your business!