Things have been busy here at the Harvest labs. We’ve made numerous improvements over the last few weeks and we want to take a moment to highlight a few things in case you missed them:

  1. Estimates – Tracking your actual project hours vs. your estimated hours is now possible in Harvest. You can enter an estimate for the whole project or track estimates for each individual task. This was one of the most requested features and based on the feedback so far, it’s been tremendously helpful to our users. To learn more about the new estimates feature, click on “Estimates” under the Reports tab.
  2. Better reports – We just gave our reporting section a little fine-tuning. The new reports layout gives project names more space and better balanced. And if you have project codes associated with your projects, you will see them pre-pended next to your project names. This is just the first of a few more changes to come in reporting to help you get the information you need as fast and easy as possible.
  3. Better printing – We’ve fine-tuned our printer-friendly stylesheets so that your report print-outs look fantastic across any web browser.
  4. Speedy approvals – Approving timesheets used to be sluggish as it cycled through all the time entries for a timesheet. We went back and optimized this process so that it’s quick and nimble for even the largest of approvals.

If you have any input you’d like to share with us as we continue to improve Harvest, please feel free to email us at support (at)

Thank you for your support!