In many countries of the world, today (Feb 14th) is Valentine’s Day. It’s a day to show that special someone you care with a gesture or a gift. Here at Harvest, we’d like to give a little something extra to our Solo users to show that we care; starting today, all Solo accounts will have 20 projects instead of 10.

We’ve always believed in helping small business and upstarts. Our New Founders Program has been helping small businesses get under way for the last year and a half. And with this Valentine’s Surprise, it’s our way of cheering on the many freelancers currently using Harvest. You may be a company of one, but you are in our hearts today! Thank you for your support and here’s to the good year ahead.

Note: All Basic and Business accounts already have the capacity to track an unlimited number projects. See Harvest Pricing for details on all our plans.