With Spring fast approaching here in New York City, we’re happy to unveil all the improvements we’ve been making to Harvest during the winter. We see Harvest as a small business companion, a one-stop app to get your business up and running. With the Spring Update, we’re one giant step closer to that reality.

Here’s a brief overview of what we’ve done. We’ll be highlighting the details of the Spring Update in the coming week with individual posts about each area!

Harvest Spring Update Highlights

  • Harvest Invoicing arrives. Now invoice for your time with ease and just a few clicks. General invoice module also allows you to create invoices for products or services that you don’t track time for. Generate PDFs, track your invoices in a dashboard, and conveniently send invoices all right from within Harvest.
  • Customize your Harvest look-and-feel. If that blue/yellow color scheme never worked for you, you can now choose form a variety of color schemes that match your company’s branding.
  • Better client management. Keeping a list of your clients and contact information in Harvest is now a whole lot easier. And with the handy invoicing module, you’ll now be able to send invoices to your clients directly from Harvest with ease.
  • Updated pricing. With all the great upgrades in Harvest’s Spring Update, we also updated the prices on our plans to reflect the new integrate package. Current customers continue to pay for Harvest at their current plan prices, but now have the added ability to add as many or as few people onto their plans on a price per person basis. Just hired a new person but you’ve max’d out your plan? Adding an extra user to your Business plan is easy to do and costs only $5 per person per month.

We’ll highlight these changes further next week. For now, try out the new bits in the Spring Update and let us know if you have any questions!