We have quietly released a brand-new help system in Harvest recently.  This is something we have been planning for a long time: a better help system for you to find your answer easier and faster.

Some design decisions we made when building the new help system:

  • We list out all questions on one page (versus having to click into each section to ‘read more’).  You can quickly scan the page, or do a page search for certain phrases.
  • Each pair of question and answer lives on a page with other Q&As (versus each question getting its own page).  If you do not find your answer, you might be able to find it in a neighbor, related question.  Or you might scan the page and see a question that might interest you and learn something new about Harvest.
  • There is also a search box for you to look up certain keywords or phrases.  Nothing fancy – just a quick search through all the questions and answers in our database.

You’ll also notice that there is a new contact form. It used to be that you can email Harvest Support directly, but sometimes our customers do not provide us with enough information, and there would be a couple of back-and-forth messages for us to gather enough data to diagnose the problem.  With the new contact form, the message will include some crucial data from your account, so when we receive the email we should have enough info to quickly diagnose the problem – which means faster response to your questions.