We’ve added a bunch of new features to Harvest, right before we welcome the new year:

  • Estimate by people hours. It works just like estimate by task hours, but you can now put in estimated hours by each person on each project.
  • Duplicate invoice. On each invoice, you can now duplicate the invoice by clicking on the button More Actions > Duplicate.
  • Quarterly recurring invoice. We added an option to send out recurring invoices each quarter.
  • Optional project notes. By default, project notes are only shown to administrators on your account.  You can change that permission, so that project managers can also see the notes.  To do that, go to Manage > Account Settings.  Look under Preferences and you can edit the setting there.
  • Department for people. You’ll find an extra field under Manage > People.  You can put in a department for each person, and then under Reports > Detailed Reports you can run reports for each department (note: this is only for Business Plan accounts).

Hope you find the new updates useful!