The Manage Project screen is one of the most complicated screen in Harvest.  There’s a lot of information you need to configure: project name, what client it belongs to, the tasks and people on the project, along with rates and estimates.  We have completely revamped how the entire page looks – while preserving all the functionality so that it is much easier and faster now for you to create and edit projects.

Some highlights:

  • We have improved the Create Project flow into two simple forms: first you enter the basic details of a project, and then configure the tasks and people on the project.
  • You can now archive a project right on the project listing, which makes archiving multiple projects a lot faster.
  • When you create a project, you’ll notice that after the Project Code field, Harvest now shows you what your last project code is, and what the last project code is for the client.
  • You can now outright make a project non-billable, which will then automatically mark all the tasks on the project as non-billable.
  • There is a bigger and more generous text box for you to enter in project notes (which will show up on the complete project report for administrators to see).

And we’re not done!  We’re still improving this section and in the following weeks you will find these two new features:

  • Ability to estimate by people hours.
  • Project costs for fixed-fee projects.

What other types of improvements would you like to see for creating or editing projects?  Please get in touch via our support form, or leave us a message below.

As always: we hope you find the new improvements helpful, and thank you for using Harvest!