We’ve added a new feature to Harvest, the ability to write off an invoice with an outstanding balance. On an open invoice, under “More Actions”, you can select the option “Write off Invoice”. A notes field will pop-up, allowing you to make a record of why this amount of money is being written-off. This option will cancel the remaining balance of the invoice, and the invoice will appear as “Written-off”.

You can also run a report to see which invoices you have written-off by going to Invoices > Report, and checking the box labeled “Written-off”. This feature will simplify your bookkeeping and remove outstanding debts from your balance sheet. In many cases, the debts incurred from written-off invoices can be treated as expenses and deducted from your taxes, so ask your accountant if this applies to your business.

Many of the new features and improvements we add to Harvest come directly from you, the Harvest users. What other improvements can we add to Harvest invoicing to help simplify your billing? Please let us know via the support form.