We are always happy to hear about how Harvest’s time tracking capabilities deliver value to those in the non-profit sector.   Recently, Naomi Baer, a director at the fast-growing microlender Kiva.org, shared her experiences on how Harvest has helped her team monitor efficiency and provide data for making better decisions in a non-profit environment:


Kiva.org has been using Harvest for over a year in its Microloan Review & Translation Program, and it’s not only an incredibly useful tool, but it has actually made us enjoy keeping track of our time! The Harvest time tracking widget is friendly and simple to use, and the website provides a nice array of options for managing its data while being very intuitive to learn.

As a small team in a rapidly growing organization, our program staff has found it invaluable to know where our time is going and how much efficiency we gain as we introduce new processes into our work. Recording time on specific projects via Harvest has helped us make decisions about budget, intern recruitment, and staff allocation.

It’s also great to have a central place to share information about our projects from week to week. Our team reviews our priorities weekly, using data from Harvest, and it’s the foundation for our communication about what we’re working on and how we can make the best use of our time as group.

My program staff found Harvest online and love it so much that they insisted that I sign up. As the team manager, I love the conversations Harvest enables and the visibility it gives us into each other’s working patterns.

Harvest has been such a success at Kiva that the Kiva Fellows Program will soon be using it to manage a team of over 100 Kiva Fellows each year. This group volunteers to work with Kiva’s Field Partners in over 40 countries throughout the developing world, and it’s a big challenge to keep in touch with what each of them is working on day-to-day. Through Harvest, we’re excited to have a simple tool to help all the Kiva Fellows keep program staff updated, and a tool that allows us to keep the fellows’ work aligned with Kiva’s evolving goals.

Naomi Baer, Kiva Microloan Review & Translation Director

Interested in making micro-loans to entrepreneurs in need from around the world? We encourage you to learn more about Kiva.org and see how they’re living up to their mantra, “loans that change lives.”