One of the key priorities for our team is to ensure Harvest is up and running smoothly around the clock.  We know our customers rely on us for access to their data whenever and wherever they are.  As much as we strive to minimize any unplanned interruption in service, unexpected events can conspire to create a service interruption.  One such service interruption occurred this morning.  Here’s what happened and what we’re doing about it.

At approximately 4:50am EDT this morning, we encountered a brief service interruption due to a hardware update that was being made at our datacenter.  We were caught off-guard by this update and it resulted in approximately 20 minutes of unplanned downtime.  For those customers that were affected, we are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience. Please rest assured that no data was lost during this interruption.  We’ve updated our process with our datacenter and hosting provider to ensure these updates will not be a problem again in the future.

Beyond patching up the process, we decided it was important to create another formal channel of communication to our customers in an event of service interruption.  This means if any part of the Harvest service encounters trouble, we’ll let you know what we know and keep you posted.  With that in mind, we’ve just launched  This site is hosted at a different datacenter, so it will never affected by events occuring at our main Harvest datacenter.  Add to your bookmarks and follow @harvest on Twitter for future real-time service status updates.  Thanks for your understanding and continued support.