We just put the finishing touches on our new affiliate program. The affiliate program is a fast and easy way to earn rewards for referring people to Harvest. Many of you already help us spread the word about Harvest, and now you can earn rewards as a token of appreciation from us.

After you register for the program (it’s quick!), we’ll provide you with a unique link to Harvest and promotional tools (such as banners) to help you refer people from your site or email and earn rewards. We provide a real-time dashboard so you know how many people you’ve sent our way and how your referrals are converting to customers.

Referring users to Harvest is as easy as sending a link such as http://www.getharvest.com/?r=yourname. We note that the visitor came from you and if that visitor converts to a trial and subsequently a paying customer, we’ll award you with the first month’s revenue from that customer. (You will need a Paypal account to receive the cash payments from us.)

The reward is a way for us to say thanks for letting people know you recommend Harvest, and it’s a great way for you to save money on your Harvest plan or earn extra cash on the side.

Give the program a spin and see how you can save and earn money, and let us know what you think!