Last week we received an awesome email OpenSourcery‘s Alex Kroman. One of OpenSourcery’s Rails engineers, Zack Hobson, put together an addictive new way to interact with us: the Harvest command line (hcl).

If you are a command line junkie, hcl will be the sweetest Harvest high you have ever experienced. Check out some of the available commands.

Set up a project/task alias:

$ hcl tasks
1234 5678   The King Misc Miracles
1234 9876   Westley Resurrection
$ hcl set task.westley 1234 9876

Start a timer with a note using an alias:

$ hcl start westley resurrecting a mostly dead pirate

Start a timer without an alias:

hcl start 1234 5678 packing boxes after King's son fired me

Add notes to a running task:

$ hcl note Meeting about the greatness of true love.
$ hcl note Though it's not as great as a nice MLT.

Check out the GitHub repository for hcl for more details!