We’re so sorry about the service interruption this morning!  We experienced some unexpected issues with our servers, but service is now restored.

Here is what happened: today (Tuesday, August 25th), we have experienced connectivity issues on one of the machines in the Harvest cluster. The service outage occurred from 10:24 to 12:09 GMT, for approximately two hours and twenty minutes.  Problems were compounded by a faulty piece of hardware (an IPMI card), resulting in a slower reaction time. We have restored the machine, and all is functioning normally now.

Additional maintenance will be required to replace the faulty hardware, so Harvest will be offline for about 1 hour, starting at 1:00 AM (EST), Wednesday August 26th, see what time this is for you here.

Please bear with us as we are reinforcing our infrastructure, and thank you very much for your patience and support!

*UPDATE: The scheduled maintenance went though properly, and all is up and running normally.