We just recently released a small, but useful new feature in Harvest: you can now copy over all rows from previous timesheet. Many of our customers work on similar tasks each day, and it’s a hassle to have to choose the same tasks and type in the same notes day in and day out. This new feature should make that process simpler.

On a new and fresh timesheet (the Day view), you will see a line that says, “Copy over all entries from a previous timesheet”. Click on the link, choose whether or not you want to copy over timesheet notes as well, and voila – a timesheet with all the rows from your most recent timesheet.


With a copied timesheet, you can quickly start timer and jump from task to task. On your next day, Harvest will remember what you chose and start the day with those same rows.

Any time you’d like to activate this – on a new day’s fresh timesheet, you’ll see a message on top that will let you clear all rows. Click on the link to clear all copied over rows, and Harvest will not duplicate timesheet again.

Hope you find this new feature useful, and please let us know if you have any questions or comments!