Harvest has many customers from around the world. And for some of you who run a business not based in the U.S., it used to be a pain to run yearly reports, because your fiscal year does not start in January. I’m happy to report that we have just released a feature to customize the fiscal year, which should save you a lot of time when running reports.

To configure the fiscal year, just go to Manage > Account Settings, and click on the Edit Preferences button. Under the setting titled “Fiscal year” you may choose the starting month for the fiscal year that makes sense for you.  For example, if your company is based in Australia, you would most likely select “July” here.

Once you set up the fiscal year, you will notice “This fiscal year” option under the “Change Timeframe” dropdown on all reports. In addition, the “Payments Received Year-to-Date” section of your Account Overview will be calculated using your custom fiscal year.

Also note that on the Edit Preferences page (under Account Settings), you can also customize format for date, time and numbers to fit your preferences.

Thank you all for your suggestions and support. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback!